How do you charge and what's included?

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Photos are extremely subjective. In many cases either you like one, or you don't. With that in mind, I charge for time spent as a flat rate, not per photo. At $250/hour, you will likely be satisfied with what is accomplished in that time. If I think the project will take longer, I will quote a flat rate for a half-day or a whole day. Please note: there are no refunds after the shoot is done. 

Once completed, your chosen photos are color-balanced, lightened, darkened, corrected, retouched and otherwise made into artwork with no additional fee. 


What is the turnaround time?

Every art piece is special and may get up to 20 hours of edit time, so the turnaround time can vary depending on how many are ordered. A typical time frame is 5-7 business days.


How far in advance do you book?

Usually a week or two.

Do you have any photographic artwork for sale?

Yes, please inquire about any photo you see on my site. 


How will my photos be delivered?

Digital files unless you purchase prints separately. 

Do you shoot in studio or on location? 

I'm now strictly an on-location photographer, preferring to find the most creative and beautiful ways to shoot in natural environments.

Can I commission an original artistic photo?

Yes, especially if you want one of a specific location, subject matter, color scheme, and so on. I can also take current photos and work with them to make them unique; as in layering, text, combining several, and more.